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Protect Your Home with a Action Security System

The idea that “your home is your castle” is just another way of saying that you have the right to be safe and secure in your home. A home security system with 24-hour monitoring from Action Security Services can help you keep that sense of security, or regain it if it has been lost because of a home burglary.

A home security system can be a game-changer by acting as a deterrent. If a burglar knows your home is protected by an alarm, they’re more likely to move on to another target. In fact, the FBI reports that homes with security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized.

A basic package from Action Security Services includes window and door sensors for the most vulnerable points of entry in your home, along with a keypad that keeps you connected to our certified monitoring center. Additional sensors, motion detectors, and even video surveillance cameras are also available as options to the basic package.

A home security system from Action Security Services provides both intrusion protection and added peace of mind. If you are looking to make your home safer and more secure against burglars, contact the Action Security Services dealer nearest you. Our dealers offer the same commitment to quality and customer service that you get directly from us.

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I like the feeling of safety and confidence when I leave my house and garage unattended. The system is basic and uncomplicated. Thanks for the secure feeling.

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